So excited to share that I am now an InsideTracker Pro! This means preferred access to InsideTracker’s ultra-personalized human performance platform for my clients. InsideTracker makes it super simple to pop open the hood and see what’s happening inside with blood, DNA, and fitness tracker data. The platform generates science-backed nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to optimize areas that need improvement. The result is less guesswork and better performance! If you’re looking to maximize your health, performance, and longevity, InsideTracker is a must!


Are you sick of cycling through aggressive and unsustainable diet programs? Unfortunately, this is a question that most of us would instantaneously answer “yes” to. The problem with most diet programs is that they focus solely on what you are eating with no regard for why you are eating those foods. At Blackledge Fitness & Performance, we use a holistic approach, grounded in the foundations and principles taught by Precision Nutrition. By incorporating various assessment tools, as well as coaching discussions and daily education, you will gain valuable insights to make more well-informed nutritional decisions.